Hello! I'm a 28 years old guy who works as an Associate Director of Engineering at Huge Inc, Rio de Janeiro.

Among my eight years of experience I had the chance to work in projects for clients like Audi, HP, Chase, American Express, Morgan Stanley, Comcast, Enel, Coca-Cola, GE and others.

I've been contributing to the Open Source community with Styleguide, Lunar and Harplyss.

A few of the latest books I've read are Superforecasting, Scaling Up and Systems Thinking Strategy.

Some times I write, as you can see on Medium, and talk: BrazilJS.

Perhaps you can find more about the type of work I get involved in portfolios like

You can find out more about me on Twitter and Linkedin.

ps: Yes, as any normal guy I enjoy music, films, photography, travel and some weird stuff like meditation, nature and yoga.